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In the medical field, we provide not only various media conversion services such as duplicating and digitizing of X-ray films, and X-ray films output of digital data, but we offer other services digitizing paper medical records, and adding digital signatures and time stamps. We also provide original cloud services that realize efficient data sharing.
Furthermore, we are focusing on imaging CRO services that carry out clinical trial image secretariat work. We propose total medical image support for various clinical trial work, based on the relationship with doctors, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs.

On the other hand, we also provide digitizing service for industrial X-ray films.

Imaging CRO service

Contributing to the medical industry through imaging

By contracts with more than 50 radiologists and entrusting with more than 150 various works through over 15 years of activity in the medical industry, we have been acquiring "technical skills" and "responsiveness".

Our service performance by Area/ Clinical trial phase

Our image evaluation by Area/ Clinical trial phase

Service contents

We support imaging secretariat operations such as clinical trials.
We undertake each of the following operations from ❶ to ❻, or all of them collectively.

  1. 1

    Creation of protocols for Central Review

    We will create various protocols related to Central Review( image evaluation meeting).

    - Examples of protocol -

    • Imaging protocol
    • Doctor selection protocol for Central Review
    • Protocol for Central Review
    • Protocol for collecting images and confirming image quality
    • Protocol for storage and management of image data

    Examples of protocol

  2. 2

    Selection of image evaluator

    We will select image evaluation doctor to meet Central Review.

    - Examples of target areas for image evaluation doctor -

    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Oncology
    • Cardiovascular
    • Osteoporosis
    • Cirrhosis of the liver (MR Elastography)

    Selection of image evaluator

  3. 3

    Collection of image data and anonymity confirmation

    We will collect image data from participating hospitals.

    - Methods of image collection and check -

    • We send the DVD and packaging materials to each hospital for installing image data and sending them back .
    • We also collect image data by transferring via a cloud system.
    • We check the contents of collected image data and also confirm their anonymity.

    Collection of image data and anonymity confirmation

  4. 4

    Registration into image evaluation system

    We will register images into image evaluation system that complies with various guidelines such as recist1.1, and perform various image evaluations and measurements.

    - Examples of image evaluation -

    • MTSS evaluation of rheumatoid arthritis
    • RECIST evaluation of anticancer drugs
    • CACS evaluation of cardiovascular
    • Graded evaluation of osteoporosis
    • Hardness measurement of liver MR elastography images

    Registration into image evaluation system

  5. 5

    Operation of Central Review

    We will organize and operate Central Review as the secretariat.

    - Contents of the secretariat -

    • Schedule adjustment of evaluation doctors
    • Preparation of images for Central Review
    • Preparation of the venue for Central Review
    • Operation of Central Review and support for the evaluator
    • Preparation of records or reports of evaluation results

    Operation of  Central Review

  6. 6

    Preparation of reports of evaluation results

    We will summarize the results of Central Review in a prescribed format and prepare minutes and reports.

    - Submitting example -

    • Evaluation result data
    • Evidence images
    • Central Review minutes
    • Central Review report

    Preparation of reports of evaluation results

Image anonymization service

It is a service to anonymize personal information of DICOM data.

Service contents
  • Personal information (including “tag information” and “image information”) such as patient name, gender, and age in "DICOM tag" and "image" will be anonymized to the specified content.
  • We support anonymization of large volume of data such as big data.

X-ray (X-ray, CT, MRI film)

X-ray film duplication service

It is a service that duplicates or makes a copy of X-ray film (half-cut to six-cut size) and mammography film to its original size.

Size for X-ray film

Standard Size
inch cm
Hansetsu 14×17 35.6×43.2
Daikaku 14×14 35.6×35.6
Oyotsugiri 11×14 27.9×35.6
Yotsugiri 10×12 25.4×30.5
Mutsugiri 8×10 20.3×25.4

X-ray image data output service

It is a service that outputs image data such as DICOM and JPEG to X-ray film.

  1. Acceptable each film size (half-cut to six-cut size) and mammography film.

Main use:

  • Secondary image evaluation of regular medical examinations
  • Second opinion
  • Submission for legal proceedings
  • X-ray film evaluation session, clinical trial judgment session

X-ray film digitization service

It is a service to digitize X-ray film or convert X-ray film to digital data.

  • Viewable on screen with a dedicated viewer
  • The image evaluation by viewing on a monitor screen after easily searching patient becomes possible and the comparative image evaluation by importing to the PACS server are also possible.
  • BCP measures in the event of a disaster.
    (To make a Backup when X-ray film is damaged or submerged)
  • Save storage space by storing data

Medical record

Medical record digitization service

It is a service that digitizes paper medical records or converts paper medical records to digital data.

  • It can be saved and operated as electronic data, improving work efficiency.
  • Comparative browsing becomes possible by importing the digitized data into the existing electronic medical record system.
  • Save storage space by storing data.

Digital signature and time stamping service

It is a service that adds “electronic signatures” and “time stamps” to digitized data from paper medical records.

  • Guarantee the originality
  • The "creator" is identified by a digital signature and the "signature time" is clarified by a time stamp. These prove "presence or absence of tampering".

Data sharing cloud service

It is a service that shares various electronic data such as medical records on the cloud.

  • Since data can be shared under a network, it supports a telework environment.
  • It makes it easy to manage large volume of personal information.
  • Since it is possible to limit the "global IP address" and issue a "client certificate", strong security will be realized.

Digitization service for industrial X-ray (IX) film

It is a service to digitize industrial X-ray (IX) films used by companies in oil, gas, power generation, and automotive companies etc. or to convert X-ray (IX) film to digital data.

  • Work efficiency will improve by high searchability
  • Inquiries can be made from multiple terminals on the network.
  • The damage or loss of original film can be avoided by utilizing digitized data.
  • Save storage space by storing data.

Case study

  • Company A (Manufacturing)
    The X-ray film is basically treated as the original. In response to requests from overseas clients for delivery of digital images, we digitize the relevant films.
  • Company B (Energy)
    Since infrastructure facilities are used for a long period of time, we digitize the X-ray films in order to cope with aging deterioration of films and to improve convenience.
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